Lux Photography Houston was born from the love of sharing knowledge and a passion for photography.  Manolo, Lux’s founder has worked as an educator for over 2 decades, having taught elementary grade children to college level adults.   his  desire to teach led him to create the Discovery Houston Photography Meetup, a photography group which showcases the best of Houston and offers tours and classes to photographers of all levels.  By now our Meetup has a membership of 1500+ members, feel free to join us and learn with us.  Leading tours, teaching photography classes and workshops, around Houston has been the core of our photography goals.

Lux Photography offers professional services in different specialties: birth photography, weddings, portraits and can cover an array of special events.

Today, Lux Photography has gone international, with our new photography/adventure tours that will showcase the beauty of Guatemala and its people.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Manolo at the Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Manolo at the summit of Santa Maria Volcano, Guatemala

Manolo, our main photographer and owner, is passionate about night photography, travel, wildlife, and adventure photography. He spends several weeks a year exploring and photographing Guatemala and its people. Currently Manolo works as a professor at University of St. Thomas and as school teacher at Alief ISD.  Manolo is the organizer of Discovering Houston Photography Meetup.

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